Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Earning money online

Earning money online  is not as much difficult as we all are considering it. Some poor people search on the Internet to find the possible ways to earn money online but they lead to some scam sites, which are ready to hunt them instantly. Scam sites usually ask them to pay some money to them and they’ll provide the Account which will help them to earn money online, but the question is how Can students really make money ? Here is the detailed answer with few popular methods that are mostly used by  students to earn extra money online. Every student whether male or female can take this article as major guidance if he/she wants to have a part-time or full-time online career along with their studies. We’ll be sharing every bit of information with you in this regard.

Things you need to Earn Money Online.
  • Should know how to operate computer and internet.
  • Should understand and write English. At least basic LEVEL.
  • You should have a consistent and hardworking personality.

Method #1. Earning via Blogging

Select an Idea for blog or website?
If you want to earn online you first need to know what you want to do on the website or blog online. Here are few ideas that you may like.
Start a news website. You can take the news from TV. As soon as news appears post it on you blog before anyone else do.
Provide information services. Like how to do things, how to repair stuff, what’s new is coming, advantages, disadvantages and review about products.
Make a celebrity blog, talk about films, release dates, hero, heroines, scandals and more.
Make a sms or poetry blog.
Jobs, funny pictures, technology are also good ideas.
Everything works on internet if is done in a good way
How you will get paid in blogging?
By doing blogging students can  make money online using display Advertisementssuch as Google Adsense, Infolinks, AdWager, Chitika and many more. Also they can use direct Advertisement on their sites such as BuySellAds, Telenor, Jazz, Ufone & Pepsi etc.
Things to remember?
In blogging you can never copy content from other websites, instead you’ll write and create everything by yourself. And this is the most important thing. However, you can take idea from any website/blog already existing on the internet.
It will not be easy to earn legally so you have to work day and night and implement new ideas.
You can do anything about any country and its people.
Don’t think of money for the first 3 months just focus to get average 1000 visitors daily. If you get that target you will get money as well.

Method #2 . Earning via Freelancing

Freelancing is the best alternative of Blogging. In Freelancing you have to join some sites like or These sites have lots of people who need guys on rent to do specific work for them like writing articles, making logos or other services. They’ll provide you a contract on a Specific Rate. You’ve to complete that contract within the time limit. After submitting your work, you’ll be given the specific charges for the work which you provided.

Method # 3. Earning via YouTube

You can earn money online  with YouTube too. However, YouTube’s Partnership program is not available in some countries but if you do real and genuine work like creating your own Video Tutorials, Reviewing Websites or Products like cell phones, Tablets then surely you can become a YouTube Partner .
Be cautious of Scam, “Registration Money”
Many websites claim to be advertising agency’s with connections to various companies. They try to attract people into the concept of free cash, namely, by offering money to display ads on websites and blogs. But in fact, they are just scam sites and take money from people without giving any results. So be aware of such companies and websites. If you want to earn money then its free and always will be. Don’t pay to anyone for any kind of account, because all earning accounts are free including Google Adsense. You can however, buy training videos from people, but check their own skills and reputation before buying anything from them.
Let me know in comment section if you have questions or more Earning Methods for students .

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

how to easily earn money on the internet on autopilot

Today I’ll show you how to easily earn money on the internet. This method is autopilot, which means you don’t have to do anything (only setup it once)! It doesn’t take allot of time to setup and after that it’s ready to earn money. Let’s start!
Step 1: Make an account on Hitleap 
Step 2: Login and download the “Hitleap Viewer”
Step 3: Install and open it
Step 4: Click on “Traffic Exchange” in the menu and start earning minutes
With minutes you can get free traffic on your site. It takes quite a while to get the minutes, but you can also buy packages with minutes ready to use.
Step 5: Buy premium on Hitleap (not required, but it’s better to have)
With premium you can set custom traffic sources, that brings your banrate way lower.
Step 6: Make an account on
Step 7: Shorten some random links to use on Hitleap
Shorten links to blogs, that looks realistic
Step 8: Copy your link(s)
Step 9: Go to Hitleap, press my websites and paste your copied link(s).
Your durationtime should be around 15 seconds
Step 10: Wait and see the money arrive!
Step 11: After you earned $10 on, you can payout to your PayPal account or even Bitcoin address. How awesome is that?
Well, that’s it guys. I hope you learned how to easily earn money on the internet on autopilot. See you next time!

Selling on eBay

eBay is a great way to turn your unwanted things into a little spending money, but it isn’t just a place to sell your old Star Wars action figures. In fact, eBay’s global marketplace can offer a great way for canny traders to buy and sell their way to profit. By buying wholesale you can sell anything with a mark up. Even better, if you have the skills to make things people want to buy you could start your own home-based craft business, selling to customers around the world.

Monday, June 8, 2015

You can now earn money online via internet view detail